Thursday, March 2, 2023

Planning Ahead - The Great Awakenings

America's Great Awakenings were periods of widespread religious rivals led by evangelical Protestant ministers.  The Awakenings occurred just prior to moments of upheaval in American history – the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the two World Wars.  The Awakenings were characterized by:

  • Revival meetings, intense religious fervor, and a profound sense of conviction and redemption on the part of those affected;
  • A sharp increase in interest in religion and an increase in evangelical church membership; and
  • The formation of new religious movements and denominations

Each of the Great Awakenings lasted only about a generation.  Nevertheless, they each had a profound impact on American development.  The Great Awakenings shaped the discussions and debates over independence, abolition, suffrage and women’s rights. and social welfare. 

[This lecture series takes its title from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, a 1740 sermon by American revivalist preacher, philosopher and Congregationalist theologian, Jonathan Edwards (1703 - 1758.  Edwards' sermon was immensely influential during the 1st Great Awakening and considered a classic of early American literature.]

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