Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What I'm Reading: November/December, 2018

November was very busy with travels, celebrating Thanksgiving and kicking off the December holiday season, and I wasn't able to do a November update.  But busy or not, I still read.  Here's the one I read leading up to Thanksgiving and one to kick off the Christmas holiday season.

Mayflower:  A Story of Courage, Community and War
     Nathaniel Philbrick (2007)

Although he glosses over the difference between the Pilgrims and Puritans who colonized New England, Philbrick presents a nuanced history of the complicated relationships between Native Americans and the first English settlers.  That complicated relationship resulted in King Philip's War (1675-78) which is considered by many to be the greatest calamity to occur in seventeenth-century New England.  The economy of the Plymouth and Rhode Island colonies were all but ruined, and both the English and Native American populations were decimated - with captive Native Americans shipped to the Caribbean as slaves.  

The Man Who Invented Christmas:  How Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol Rescured His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits
     Les Standiford (2008) 

Last year's film "The Man Who Invented Christmas" was enjoyable and worth seeing - but this book is a much more serious biography of Charles Dickens and - part history, part literary analysis - is very different from the film.  Standiford explains Dickens's rise to fame and his declining popularity before A Christmas Carol while giving insights into the 19th century publishing industry.

Recently Read and Recommended

Leadership:  In Turbulent Times
     Doris Kearns Goodwin, 2018

     Bob Woodward, 2018

     Ron Chernow, 2017

The Murder of the Century: 
     Paul Collins, 2011

     Helen Rappaport, 2018

     Benjamin Carter Hett, 2018

About Me:  Kevin P. Dincher

I have a 40-year track record that includes organization and strategic consulting with non-profits, both big and small, as well as small family-owned business and Fortune 500 global technology companies.  Currently, the primary focus of my work is on nonprofit organizations through a partnership with Professionals in Philanthropy

My experience also includes work in, counseling psychology and crisis management, program and operations management, nonprofit management, human resources, and education.

One of the things that energizes me is learning new things and sharing what I learn.  In addition to providing professional development, I create exciting and enriching educational opportunities for adults that incorporate psychology, philosophy, history, historical anthropology and more—with a perspective that “everything’s related.”  My broad background in psychology, philosophy and theology along with my deep interest in history, sociology, politics and organizational systems have given me the perspective that nothing ever really happens in isolation.  Ideas, decisions, actions and events all occur in a web of other interrelated ideas, decisions, actions and events.  I enjoy pulling connecting threads to see where they lead – and if you don’t come away from my classes and lectures asking more questions than you started with, I haven’t done my job!

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